Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On the side of this piece written from top to bottom says "burlesque". It is inspired by ad image i found one day when i was browsing pinterest. it is a figure drawing of a girl in a dress but instead of drawing her body i only drew her skeleton.

Because i love old film cameras so much i did a char coal, divided composition on them. I drew in the film strips in the back ground to add a design element to the different sections.
This is inspired by the pop artist Andy Warhol. I used his technique of repeating the image in different bright colors.
This is a painting of teacups i did. It started out as an image transfer but that didnt work out so i painted over them and made them gray. I cut out different letters for the "teacups" and painted over them in a girly black and white pattern.
This is a digitaly altered image that i did of tuba valves. I took the picture on my phone actually and set it on negative and the gold tuba came out blue. with the reflections i thought it looked transparent.

Friday, April 13, 2012


This is a char coal and gold painted piece i drew of a clock. I like the effect of glass over the pendulum. It is 8X11.


This is a Precisionism piece i did on the front grill of my car. I used was colors with a groovy pattern to represent VW. It is 8X11 .

Monday, January 30, 2012


This was an assemblage piece with the focal point being the red lips. i used hand made letters, acrylic, a stamp, and ribbon. i used the word SEXY to draw attention to the fact that the red lips are a symbol of what is sexy. I wanted this piece to be like a night on the town and i think i got that with the skyline and the lip stick.


For one of my breadth pieces i went with a non-figural composition, abstract with cool colors. I used puffy paint, acrylic, and a stamp for the focal point. I broke up the composition with a layered look. This was out of my comfort zone, but i really liked the ending product.


In this composition i went with my idea of dried paint-chips glued down like a collage. I went with warm earthy colors and gold leaf in the back ground. i broke up the composition with different panels because i like how it separates the image.