Saturday, September 28, 2013

This is a Volume Installation in John Madejski Garden, in London. This display took place in the winter of 2006.  This was an interactive piece that would respond to the crowd that passed through. People could walk through the piece and play with the energy fields. With so many people interacting, this created a unique reaction in the lights and sounds. The piece was a collaboration between design collective United Visual Artists, and Robert Del Naja, of Massive Attack and his long-term co-writer Neil Davidge. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Katharina Trudzinski

Katharina Trudzinski
Katharina likes to use things she can find around her. Most of her pieces are constructed with old wood paneling, tooth picks, and other scraps she can find. Katharina does almost all of her installations on-site.  In this piece, Katharina made the piece climb the walls of the gallery. She used carpet samples to create a patchwork abstract design. . Katharina likes to observe a space before installing so that she can which colors and structures might fit best. While planning for the installation of this piece Katharina used the design in the floor that was already there and constructed her piece based on that. This piece is centered almost perfectly so that the middle design is divided in half both vertically and horizontally, thus drawing the observers eyes straight to the middle.
This piece was constructed using old carpet samples (which can be seen on the floor around the edges of the piece). In order for Katharina to construct this piece she first came in and observed the space she had to work with. This piece was constructed using shapes and textures from the space it was installed in.  For this specific installation Katharina decided to work with the unique pattern in the floor, which can be seen being repeated in the middle of the piece on the floor. This piece starts on the floor and works its way almost to the ceiling. Katharina got the repeated shape of a rectangle from the shape of the windows that were already there. She took that shape and repeated it all the down the floor, changing the size and color.  If you stand straight in front of the piece it makes a diamond shape starting from the windows and exceeding to the floor. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On the side of this piece written from top to bottom says "burlesque". It is inspired by ad image i found one day when i was browsing pinterest. it is a figure drawing of a girl in a dress but instead of drawing her body i only drew her skeleton.

Because i love old film cameras so much i did a char coal, divided composition on them. I drew in the film strips in the back ground to add a design element to the different sections.
This is inspired by the pop artist Andy Warhol. I used his technique of repeating the image in different bright colors.
This is a painting of teacups i did. It started out as an image transfer but that didnt work out so i painted over them and made them gray. I cut out different letters for the "teacups" and painted over them in a girly black and white pattern.
This is a digitaly altered image that i did of tuba valves. I took the picture on my phone actually and set it on negative and the gold tuba came out blue. with the reflections i thought it looked transparent.