Sunday, March 27, 2011

seeing through the key hole

This is the alter book of a drawing of an eye. i liked the idea of the eye looking through a key hole.

what's in your pocket?

this is the altered book of "what's in your pocket?" i never really have anything other than my phone in my pocket. so i took my old cell phone that was already broken in half and smashed it with a hammer a little more to break it apart and made it into a monochromatic piece.

image transfer

this was the altered book of image tranfer i took it as practice for the Peter max piece.


this was the altered book for music theory. i took it a little further and cut out the page into the shape of a guitar and put music notes as the guitars color.


for this piece i took a light pink background and image tranfered a picture of me looking down and added paintings of lilies with bright colors and black and white highlights

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Golden Flower

When we were first drawing these people on paper i was't to excited about the project but after cutting them out and tracing them onto the bristol board i began to really like the ideas in my head. This piece turned out exactly how i pictured and i really like the color choice. The gold lief was a bit of a struggle at first but it came out good. I wanted the focus to on the glod flower in the middle swo i got the characters to all be looking at it from different agles.
The boarder took a lot of detail in time but the designs worked great for tying the whole piece together.