Friday, September 9, 2011


This was the prompt of politics and i did the idea that everyone in politic points fingers at each other and fight all the time. i did an image transfer of to fingers pointing and then did the 'pow' and 'boom' with paper crickled up after being painted and covered in a brown watered down wash.

The ties that bind...

This was the second altered book page. the thing was to do something to do with the word together. so i did the ties that bind us together. ints done in acrylic.


This is a charcaol drawing of a baringer bottle. the bottle is highlightes with purple primacolor.

beaty and the beast

This was the first altered book of a tribute to a fictional caracter and i did belle from beaty and the beast because it is my favorite disney fairy tale.


this is a drawing in charcoal pencil of a close up on a grandfather clock. The clock was done with gold leaf around the numbers and with the hands of the clock being the object to show movement.